Gabrielle Bourne is a documentary photographer from Lincolnshire with an interest in the environment, landscape and nature. Her work aims to communicate important issues that are happening in today’s society with the intention of creating awareness, knowledge and change. As a visual artist, she uses a range of experimental processes including working with both digital and analogue to create a deeper and more considered relationship with the subject that also questions conventions of photographic truth. In her practice, Gabrielle’s photographic projects take a subjective approach, focussing on the personal stories, experiences and places that she encounters. From 2017-2021, Gabrielle studied and graduated with a BA (Hons) in Photography from Coventry University which included her completing a UK work placement, working as an assistant in a photographic studio. 


2019 – ‘The Outsider’ – Bushwick Community Darkroom- New York

2019 – Exposure Photo Festival – Coventry 

2018 – LAHAD Multimedia Exhibition – Coventry 

2018 – First Year Exhibition – Coventry University 


Johnson’s Garden Centre- Lincolnshire

Herbert Art Gallery – Coventry 

Native Magazine – Coventry